(also this is a test file)


This is a paragraph tag. Inside it I can write anything. I can write facts, such as, Kevin is a suckweed. Or I can write fiction, such as, kevin is better than me at Urban Terro. All of the info in these tags are the content of the webpage. The font will be the default unless or untill you change it with css

I can break paragraphs apart by opening and closing paragraoh tags. or using a break tag.
A break tag is used here causing almost the same effect as opening and closing p tags That way the amount in which Kevin sucks can be more spaced out.

There are six different heading sizes available. Thats six different ways to show how much kevin sucks!

Kevin sucks size h1

Kevin sucks size h2

Kevin sucks size h3

Kevin sucks size h4

kevin sucks size h5
b kevin sucks size h6

we can also create lsits in a couple of different ways. We can have ordered lists or unordered lists. Our first example is an ordered list, these have numbers.

Ordered list of people who suck.

  1. Kevin
  2. Kevin
  3. Kevin
  4. Kyle
  5. Warbreh
  6. Kevin

This us an unordered list of Youtube channels that suck

Kevin all in all really SUCKS I can show emphasis on text by placing them inside em tags which makes them italicized.

Then I can add emphasize the text in a different way, by using the "b" tags. This makes the text bold.

you can also use the < strong > tags which holds the same results.

Antother way achieve the same effect for the < em > tag is to use the < i >

If you want to put a copyright symbol, to copyright the saying Kevin sucks at the bottom of my portfolio, I need to use a special chracter. To get this character use this code ©

If I want to get an ampersand symbol withing my text I would use this code &

This paragraph had an inline style < center >. This text will be centered on the page

Kevin Sucks 4 Lyfe!

Here's how you can make bold and italic text.

Here's how you can add an image:

Here's how to make a list:

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